'Hero' hotel manager saves dog trapped in lift

He managed to snap the terrified pet's lead

Hotel manager saves dog from lift

This man is being called a hero for saving a dog that got stuck in a hotel elevator.

The trouble began when a guest at the hotel walked into a lift with his luggage and dog's leash in hand.

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Moments later, the doors closed and the elevator started moving — but his dog, Boo Boo, who was wearing the leash, was still outside.

Fearing Boo Boo would be hanged as the elevator ascended, the hotel manager, who walked into the scene not a moment too soon, sprang into action.

When he realised he wouldn't be able to unhook the leash in time, he managed to snap it.

Ben Duke, the manager, said: "As we were going up I got a better grip and pulled as hard as I could and somehow it snapped."

He added: "I don't really consider myself a hero but I'm just very glad I was able to save this little dog's life."

Unfortunately this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

It's important to make sure you're dog is safely in the lift before pressing any buttons and if they do get caught press the emergency stop button immediately.

You can now also buy breakaway collars that let will snap apart under enough pressure, unlike a chain collar that may choke your dog.

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