Terror as great white shark breaks into diver's cage

Tourist got the fright of his life - but somehow survived

Man survives encounter with great white shark in cage

This is the shocking moment a huge Great White broke into a shark cage - while a terrified diver was trapped inside.

The four-metre-long beast was chasing a piece of tuna bait when it smashed into the 'shark-proof' cage.

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The diver involved in the incident has now revealed that he managed to escape the cage through a hole at the bottom - but that there were two other sharks circling him.

Ming Chan was enjoying the dive at Guadalupe Island when the terrifying incident occurred.

According to the Daily Mail, he said on the Today Show: "I felt his panic...and thought 'Hey, come on buddy, you don't want to come into my cage'.

"I didn't have time to get frightened, but found myself outside the cage."

He said he looked down and saw two other sharks just metres from his feet.

He then immediately went back to the cage after seeing the other shark had managed to free itself.

He added: "I saw there was nothing inside the cage... so crawled back up to the surface."

In the video, one stunned onlooker can heard saying "oh my God" as desperate staff quickly open the top of the cage.

The shark appears to thrash around for several seconds as those watching ask "Is it inside?" and "Is he in the cage?"

Then the fish suddenly emerges from the water, bleeding in several places. It manages to free itself and swims away.

A man then asks "Was there anybody in there?" before it It becomes clear that a Ming was inside as staff then pull him up and out of the water. "Gosh, gee, he's ok," the man says.

Ming was shocked but uninjured and some on the boat cheer and clap.

Shark-diving is a controversial tourist attraction, with some experts claiming that baiting for trips such as this leads to an increase in attacks.

The footage was shot near Guadalupe Island, Mexico, by photographer and adventurer Buck Forester.

He posted it onto his YouTube channel where he usually posts updates about his sons Gabe and Garrett.

He wrote: "This is not our normal type of video."I (their dad) went on a great white shark cave diving trip.

"Great white sharks are awesome and what appears to be an 'attack' on a diving cage is not.

"They are temporarily blinded when they open their mouths, so when the shark went for the tuna bait on the rope it accidentally slammed into the cage.

"They can't swim backwards so it thrust forward through the cage with a diver inside.

"The crew on the boat did an outstanding job doing their best to make sure it had this happy outcome."

"These sharks are amazing creatures to be seen up close!"

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