Massive floating hotel to come to England

Floating hotel prepares to be moved across Channel to England
Floating hotel prepares to be moved across Channel to England

Welcome to the Good Hotel, a massive floating hotel moored out on the docks of Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands.

This former floating prison was converted to a hotel by Dutch entrepreneurs, but it's much more than floating accommodation.

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The management are preparing to try out the newest feature of Good Hotel: they plan to tow it out into the sea and use a special barge to take it all the way across the English Channel to London.

Marten Dresen is the CEO of the Good Hotel, he said: "The Good Hotel comes from Amsterdam but it's a model we want to show to the world so we're going to be moving from one place to the other.

"We like to see all the cool places so London is now, who knows what's going to be next but there's many places that need a Good Hotel."

Marten explained that the hotel will be floated on top of the barge to transport it across the Channel.

Crews working on the Amsterdam docks are preparing the 144-room, 17.6 million pound hotel for the long and unprecedented journey across the channel to the capital of the United Kingdom, where it will arrive to serve its guests at London's Royal Docks.

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