Brits abroad: Nine out of ten of us find them irritating

There's nothing more annoying than meeting someone from the UK when you're on holiday


Picture the scene: you're on holiday and trying to relax, but what's that? The sound of a Brit abroad, their braying accent booming across the beach, shattering your serenity.

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Sound familiar? Probably – a new survey has found that almost nine out of 10 (85%) of UK adults say they get annoyed by their compatriots while on holiday.

The poll found that 58% of people believe other UK holidaymakers are too drunk and rowdy, while 30% are irritated by them shouting when local people do not understand them.

What else annoys us about Brits abroad? Well, it turns out, a lot. Being unable to control their children (47%) and complaining about everything (37%) were also high on the list of holiday gripes.

17% prove to be more modest than the rest, claiming that UK travellers do not cover themselves up appropriately. 16% complain that Brits commit the cardinal sin of being selfish with the sun beds. Nothing worse than turning up to the beach only to have towels on each lounger, right?

The survey was carried out by online travel search engine Kayak, which commissioned the poll of 2,000 UK adults.

How to spot a Brit abroad

How to spot a Brit abroad