Every 18-year-old in the EU could get a free InterRail pass

Around five million EU citizens turn 18 each year


Travelling with friends, let's take a selfie

You know when you go through a break-up and your ex constantly tries to make you jealous? We reckon this is what's behind the EU's latest plans to give all of its 18-year-old citizens a month-long InterRail ticket.

The idea is being introduced by the EPP Group, the largest political group in the European Parliament, in the hopes of bringing young Europeans together and to foster support for the EU.

Lucky EU citizens who may use the scheme could save £421, the cost of an Under-26 ticket for four weeks of travel around Europe.

Its chairman, Manfred Weber, said in a video posted on Twitter: "Europe is about emotions, to see other cultures, to see other languages."

It won't be a small undertaking. Around five million EU citizens turn 18 each year, which will mean significant costs and administration issues for the EU and InterRail.

Violeta Bulc, the EU's transport commissioner, has said she admires the "boldness and the level of ambition" behind the idea, and will endeavour to make it work.

She floated the idea of a "lottery" scheme where a certain number of lottery tickets could be balloted to those who apply, making a fair system whilst saving the cost of providing tickets for all 18-year-old EU citizens.


However, she pointed out that as not all EU nations' railways are members of the InterRail scheme, citizens from some states may not be able to join in. This goes against the whole idea of the scheme, to include all young people from the EU and foster relations between different cultures.

If it all works out, the scheme could become a rite of passage for young Europeans. I guess Brits will have to stick to using a Young Persons Railcard.

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