Tube passengers trapped in lift for over an hour

Commuter said they ‘could have died like rats’ in Elephant and Castle incident

Tube passengers trapped in lift for over an hour

Over 20 passengers were trapped inside a Tube station lift for just over an hour at Elephant and Castle.

The lift cut out just before it reached the ground on the platform level.

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One woman reportedly suffered a panic attack while one little girl had to urinate in a plastic bag.

One commuter has spoken out about the experience, which occurred on Sunday evening.

She said the emergency door didn't open as it was faulty.

According to The Sun, she said: "The lift was about two metres by two metres, it was quite packed in there and everybody was standing.

"It was stressful, one girl started to cry and had a panic attack. There was a doctor in the lift with us and they tried to calm her down. The rest of us, we got agitated."

The Evening Standard reports that she added: "That lift is a mortal trap and a tragedy waiting to happen.

"If there would have been a fire or any other issue on the outside, we would have died like rats as nobody was able to free us."

A TfL spokesman told the paper: "The lift got stuck in the lift shaft at around 6.18pm with 20 people inside. People were released from the stuck lift at around 7.23pm.

"We apologise to our customers who were stuck in a lift at Elephant and Castle station on Sunday evening. Our station staff immediately followed procedure and contacted our Emergency Response Unit, the London Ambulance Service and the London Fire Brigade."

He added that staff were in "constant contact" with the passengers and were there to check on their wellbeing when they were freed from the lift.

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