Terrifying moment skydiver's parachute malfunctions

Video captures moment Kate Hoffstetter diced with death

Terrifying moment skydiver's parachute malfunctions

Dramatic footage has emerged from the US of a professional skydiver dealing with a major parachute malfunction.

Kate Hoffstetter had just filmed another skydive when she began spinning as her parachute failed to open.

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She desperately tried to cut away the faulty chute to release the reserve one but the handle used to cut away malfunctioned chutes was not working either.

According to Angle News, Ms Hoffstetter, who has 15 years of skydiving experience, said: "I have cut away and used my reserve four times prior to this without an issue, but this time the cutaway handle was stuck and would not move."

Thankfully, she was eventually able to detach the failed chute in a move that definitely saved her life.

According to The Sun, she added: "I screamed in the video because I knew I couldn't move it. I would not have survived without getting rid of this canopy.

"I ended up grabbing the small amount of exposed cable just above the handle to cutaway – I was pretty upset about it as you can tell."

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