Baby owls snoozing are seriously cute

Does a picture get much sweeter than this?

Baby owls snoozing are seriously cute

These adorable sleeping owls huddled together in an line will make you feel as warm and fuzzy as they look.

Amit Surendra Band, 34, took the photo of the spotted owlets in Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh.

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The photo shows a close bond shared among the owls while they get some shut eye in a formation known as a parliament of owls.

Amit said: "The owls had a routine place to sit near the entrance of Kanha National Park, but they weren't there when I went in.

"On the same day my safari was coming to an end when my guide told me, 'Sir you are lucky the owls are here.' I was so happy that I got the picture which every photographer dreams of capturing.

"That day was the last sighting of the owls as they found a new home somewhere else.

"I'm lucky enough to get some images of this beautiful family. They will always be my lucky charm."

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