UK weather: October 'Indian summer' to follow 70mph storms

Things will warm up after Britain is battered by gales

UK weather: October 'Indian summer' to follow 70mph storms

So there's good news and there's bad news: Britain is set to be battered by 70mph storms this week, but the good news is that they could be followed by a warm start to October.

The Met Office issued a yellow 'be aware' severe weather warning for Scotland and the far north of England on Thursday, warning that it could be hit by 'severe gales'.

But, it added, southern parts of the UK are set to enjoy temperatures breaking the 20C mark.

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The alert read: "Gales and locally severe gales are expected to develop across much of Scotland and the far north of England for a time on Thursday.

"Gusts of 50-60 mph are likely in many areas, whilst the strongest winds, with gusts of around 75 mph, are possible across the Hebrides, Sutherland, Caithness and Orkney during the first part of the morning.

"Please be aware that potential impacts could include minor travel disruption with some bridge restrictions, and possible damage to trees and structures. Additionally, large waves will build off northern and western coasts of Scotland with the risk of some wave overtopping here.

"This warning has been updated to extend the southern boundary south into northern England and to bring forward the end time."

And, while the north and northwest may still endure unsettled weather in the first week of October, the Atlantic storm that is causing the bad weather up north could be bringing warmer weather to the south eastern parts of the UK.

UK weather: October 'Indian summer' to follow 70mph storms

Speaking to the Mirror, Met Office forecaster Emma Sharples explained: "The remnants of hurricane Karl will deliver an injection of warmth and that is why we will see temperatures rise into the 20Cs, energy associated with these tropical systems help to fuel the speed of the jet stream and so do affect the winds."

The Met Office forecast for 3 October to 12 October says that "eastern and southeastern parts should see more prolonged drier and brighter spells, though even here some rain is possible at times. Temperatures generally above normal and warm at times in the east and southeast".

And for 13 October to 27 October, the Met Office says: "The north and northwest are likely to see the most unsettled weather, with strong winds and showers or longer spells of rain, intermixed with some drier interludes.

"Further south and southeast there is a greater likelihood of drier, brighter weather with a low possibility of more prolonged settled spells here.

"Temperatures will vary through the period, but probably averaging out slightly above average for the time of year, though with an increasing risk of overnight frost in the more settled spells."

Speaking to the Telegraph, Ms Sharples confirmed we can expect warm temperatures for this time of year, saying: "Even though this weekend and the beginning of October next week will see nothing like the 34C (93.2F) heat of a few weeks ago, next week will be fairly pleasant for the time of year. We expect to see temperatures breaking above 20C (68F)."

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