Top ten winter adrenaline rush activities around the world

Are you brave enough to put them to the test?

Top ten adrenaline rush activities around the world

Would you ever throw yourself out of a plane, go swimming with sharks or try your hand at bungee jumping?

If you think you're brave enough to try those activities why not try a few that are the perfect way to spice up your winter holidays.

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Along with our friends at Momondo we've put together a list of activities perfect for those with a taste for adrenaline!

If you're a fan of long country walks with spectacular views why not try something similar but a little different.

Head to Yosemite National Park in California in the winter, strap on some snowshoes and look forward to gliding over the snow-covered ground, taking in the sights.

Or you could make your way all the way across the world to New Zealand to experience the sights and sounds of the stunning Fox Glacier. Daredevil visitors have the chance to trek across the ever-changing and constantly flowing glacier from above and on foot.

If you're a regular on the ski slopes why not add a little twist to your holiday this year and try your hand at heli-skiing in Banff, Canada.

Forget queuing for the chairlift or gondola and hop on board a helicopter to get to the top of the mountain instead.

If those activities aren't quite thrilling enough for you why not take a look at the slideshow below to see the full list of top ways to get your heart racing as the temperatures drop.

10 adrenaline rush activities

10 adrenaline rush activities