Hotel turns lost teddy bear into internet sensation

Luckily they managed to get the bear back to its owner

Hotel turns lost teddy into viral sensation

We've never wanted to be lost or left behind but we think we could make an exception if we were left behind at the Hotel Avalon in Sweden.

That's what happened to this lucky lost teddy - and his hilarious stay at the hotel has taken the internet by storm.

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Front office manager, Christoph, decided to bring the lost bear back the hotel and attempt to find its owner with the power of social media campaign.

The photos that were put on Facebook show the bear enjoying his stay in a comfy bed, sitting in a chair by the front window even enjoying a delicious croissant while on his adventure.

The bear's viral hotel stay was not only great marketing and PR it had a happy ending too.

The bear was reunited with its human - and we found out the bear's name is Balli .

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