British woman arrested in Majorca after leaving son alone in hotel

Holidaymaker went out partying and left boy, 7, alone

British woman arrested in Majorca after leaving son alone in hotel

A British woman has been arrested in Majorca after allegedly leaving her seven-year-old son alone in a hotel room while she went out partying.

The woman, known only as Eleanor, returned from her night out to find police officers waiting to arrest her at the Hotel Canarios Park.

Staff had called police officers after the boy had woken up crying.

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According to the Metro,a police spokesman said: "A 25-year-old female British tourist was held on suspicion of abandoning her child early on Monday after leaving her seven-year-old boy alone in their hotel room.

"The boy told police he was on holiday with his mum in Majorca and that he had woken up alone in their hotel room.

"He also said it wasn't the first time he had been left alone."

The Telegraph reports that she was given a suspended prison sentence during a court appearance on Wednesday.

A source told the paper that her son was currently being cared for by local authority officials, and that she was waiting to be told if and when she could fly back to the UK with him.

The Hotel Canarios Park is located on the east coast of the popular Spanish island in the town of Manacor (pictured top), which is the home town of top tennis player Rafa Nadal.