Pilot successfully lands plane after propeller falls off (watch)

Mark Penell says he was "very lucky"


A pilot calmly landed a light plane after the aircraft's propeller broke off.

Mark Penell was flying a Rans S-10 small aircraft when the propeller stopped working.

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He used his skills as a pilot to safely land the plane using a dead stick method. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident.

Sharing a video of the landing on YouTube, Mark told users he was "very lucky".

One viewer wrote: "Wow... great flying... I hope no one was in the way of that prop when it hit the ground!"

Penell responded: "Nope but the jumper club was there and they all came out to help me."

After another user asked how it was possible to lose the propeller, Mark responded, "I didn't torque it correctly."

In 2014, a Flybe plane lost one of its two propellers after hitting birds during a flight from Guernsey to Birmingham.

The plane was 20 minutes into its hour-long journey when the bird strike occurred, with passengers hearing a loud bang as the front cone of the prop was smashed, and blades horrifyingly came to a halt.

Airport worker Dan Brehaut, 23, was travelling with his girlfriend Joanne Corlett, 25, said he was shocked the crew didn't declare an emergency and land.

Speaking to the Press and Journal, Dan, an aircraft despatcher, said: "It is very unusual for an engine to shut down.

"It's not unheard of – I have heard stories about it – but I have never seen an aircraft sustain that amount of damage to it and carry on. Usually planes will land with a problem over the smallest of things, so it just seemed so unusual."

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