Super fleas to invade UK homes - and they have huge appendages

Fleas have penises two and a half times their body length


Super fleas with big penises to invade UK homes

Super fleas with large erect penises are set to invade UK homes, according to new reports.

The Sun says that the insects are far larger than normal fleas and boast erect penises two and a half times their body length. At 3.3mm it is the largest appendage, relative to size, of any insect on the planet.

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It is thought the super-sized flea came to Britain from Europe over the past three years.

The population is now booming after a mating spree with native fleas.

The fleas will now be looking to move indoors to enjoy the central heating.

The Mirror reports that numbers of fleas have jumped dramatically since 2013 thanks to mild winter and warm, damp summers.

Owners need to treat pets with the correct amount of anti-flea treatment (ask your local vet) and regularly retreat areas where pets lounge around, like sofas and carpets.

According to, fleas live on their host, but eggs can be left both on the host and in the host's bedding. The eggs that are left on the host will fall off and accumulate in beds, clothes, carpets, cars, and any place that the host visits.

The site says you can:

1. Treat infected pets.

2. Collect all bedding, rugs and throws and wash them in soapy water. Soapy water is known to kill the eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.

3. Vacuum everything. All furniture, carpets, cracks in the floor, bare floors, corners, behind doors, and anywhere else that dust collects. This will pick up most of the eggs, but larvae will latch onto carpet fibers and stick around. After vacuuming, immediately dispose of the vacuum bag outside to prevent escaping of larvae

4. The remaining flea larvae can be dealt with by having the carpets steam-cleaned (the steam will kill every stage of flea except eggs). Make sure you warn the cleaners about the fleas and remove infested animals. Another process is for you to shampoo the carpet with insecticidal carpet shampoo or have a pest control professionally apply an infrared heat treatment to the carpet, which kills all stages of flea. Beware however, this type of infrared heat treatment can cost a lot.

5. Drench your pets usual resting areas with lots of soap and water to drown any fleas that may be waiting for his return.

If bitten by fleas, you should wash the area with soap and water and apply an antiseptic cream.

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