British holidaymaker captures intense storm in Crete

Sunloungers and boats were picked up and thrown about by the strong winds

Holidaymaker captures terrifying storm in Crete

A British holidaymaker in Crete captured footage of strong storm conditions in Heraklion on 21 September.

Scott Musson was staying at the Stella Palace Hotel with his family and was out for a stroll with his brother-in-law when heavy rains and winds from the storm struck.

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His video shows how he took shelter from the bad weather, when parasols and deckchairs were thrown by the winds.

Fellow holidaymakers can be seen racing for cover as the rain batters down on the Greek island.

Even car alarms can be heard going off as debris flies through the air and water streams down the street.

The aftermath of the storm is also visible, with debris laying across the beachfront road he had previously been walking along.

The end of the footage appears to show the storm calming slightly but a boat has visibly been thrown over and is lying at the side of the road.

Tables and chairs are also strewn across the street including sun loungers that have presumably been blown in from the nearby beach.

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