Seagulls 'hold woman hostage' for three days

Pensioner trapped in own home after repeatedly being attacked by the birds

Seagulls 'hold woman hostage' for three days

An 80-year-old woman has told how she was practically a prisoner in her own home in Brighton after a flock of seagulls repeatedly attacked her.

Barbara Cox was attacked by the birds while she was putting her washing out, with her leg being gouged, leaving a bloody wound.

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She believes they had been protecting a dead chick at the bottom of her garden.

The terrified woman went indoors and called police.

According to the Metro, when she told them she had been attacked by seagulls and asked if somebody could come and get the bird, she was told there was no funding for that.

She replied: "Can't you use my percentage of the taxes I pay for that?"

Barbara spent three days too scared to go out until she eventually had to leave the house to go to A&E to get her wound treated.

The Evening Standard reports that a Sussex Police spokesman said seagulls are not a police matter.