Kind-hearted stranger buys homeless girl flight to New Zealand

The random act of kindness in Perth has gone viral


A Good Samaritan has been praised on social media after he stopped to help a homeless girl in the street, giving her cash to buy a flight home from Australia to New Zealand.

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Perth man Daniel Roose was walking through the suburb of Northbridge when he saw Australian girl Jess and heard her story of being estranged from her family and wanting to get home.

The father-of-three knew he had to do something and told Perth Now: "I saw a poor little girl fighting so much in her life at such a young age," he said.

"I felt sorry for her."

Roose walked over to a cash machine and withdrew $350 to give to Jess.

His kind actions were shared on Facebook group Brothers & Sisters Perth's page and the video has been viewed over 165,000 times.

The group wrote: "Tonight on our weekly run through Perth, we were sat with our homeless friend Jess. Jess is a Kiwi. We had seen her before in the inner part of Perth and were surprised to see her in Northbridge.

"As it turned out, Jess is on a mission right now. Having recently reconnected with her family back home after being estranged for a long time, she has decided it is time to return to New Zealand. She was out in the streets of Perth, begging in the hopes of raising money. If not for a place to live, then for a ticket home.

"You see, because she isn't a resident of this beautiful country, she doesn't qualify for any income support. Her partner was on the other side of the city doing exactly what she was.

"As we sat we were approached by a man. At first taken aback by his direct approach, he asked why she was there, why we were with her and what we get out of it. He listened, and without another word, held out his hand and said 'come with me I'll sort you out'... He led her to an ATM and gave her enough money for 1 ticket home."

While Roose, 38, has been hailed a hero, he says that he is not looking for recognition.

Speaking to, he said: "I was across the road leaving a work thing and I saw people walking past something and then I saw this poor little girl being judged by so many and I hate that. I asked her what she needed and she said she needed to get to New Zealand and yeah I helped.

"I saw someone who needed a helping hand - I'm not after recognition."

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