Australian restaurant criticised for 'racist' name

Critics have suggested the establishment romanticises colonisation

Australian restaurant criticised for racist name

A restaurant in Australia has attracted criticism its controversial choice of name.

The British Colonial Co. in Hawthorne, Queensland, has been plagued with negative comments on Facebook by those suggesting that their name is racist.

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Many are claiming that the establishment is promoting imperialism and romanticising colonisation.

While the restaurant opened back in July, it recently gained attention after using marketing material that said: "Inspired by the stylish days of the empirical push into the developing cultures of the world."

A rival Facebook page has been set up under the title: "British Colonial Co. - The Racist Diner" with commenters questioning why the restaurant has been deleting negative comments relating to the name from their Facebook page.

One comment reads: "We all want to know why the restaurant owners/managers are deleting every comment and post that express their hurt and offense or even simply questioning them on their understanding of the offense caused."

Adding: "Not only are they deleting comments and posts but also they are banning these people from contacting them. What sort of business is this?"

One commenter writing on the restaurants official page wrote: "The issue is that they romanticised colonisation with no respect to the fact that generations greatly suffered in Australia because of it."

According to the BBC the restaurant has said the name wasn't supposed to cause offence, and they are saddened to hear the negative response.

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