Women removed from flight for writing on plane

Pilot caught the pair drawing on the aircraft with a felt-tip pen

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A Flybe pilot caught two female passengers writing on the side of a plane and removed them from the French-bound flight when they were asked to wipe off what they had written but it would not come off.

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The pair, in their 40s, were flying from Southampton to La Rochelle for a wedding when the captain saw them drawing on the aircraft with a felt-tip pen, the Daily Telegraph reports.

A Flybe spokesman told the newspaper they were "therefore reported to the authorities who attended the aircraft and took the perpetrators away from questioning".

The women were lucky that the flight was able to fly on schedule after they were removed following a recent incident which saw a 'drunken' man fined £1,000 for causing a delay on an Easyjet flight.

Gustavo Neves, 42, was flying from Manchester to Portugal when he was removed from the flight for being drunk. Police said he was "dishevelled", was swearing and needed help getting into the police van. The flight was delayed for hours.

And if you thought these travellers were bad, a few years ago a tourist etched his name on an ancient Egyptian monument and caused national outrage, forcing his parents to make a public apology.

Internet users hunted down the 15-year-old boy who wrote 'Ding Jinhao wuz here' in Chinese on the almost 3,500-year-old Luxor Temple.

The boy's parents said their son had "cried all night" after being attacked on social media.

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