Three shark attacks in three hours off Florida coast

Surfers bitten by hungry sharks attracted by mullet fish


Three surfers have been bitten by sharks in separate attacks in less than three hours in the same area of a Florida beach.

The attacks occurred on Sunday morning at New Smyrna Beach, with a 43-year-old man being first bitten on the lower leg.

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Around half an hour later, a 36-year-old man, Chucky Luciano, was bitten on the hands, and two hours after that a 16-year-old boy was bitten on the thigh, reports the Guardian.

Fortunately, none of the victims were very seriously injured, although Chucky did need to undergo surgery on his hands, according to Time.

He posted an update and pictures of the incident on Facebook, writing: "Dear Friends,as some of you have heard, today I was bitten in both hands by sharks.

"Both of my hands were injured and I'll need hand surgery in a couple hours.

"I'm still shook up about what happened. This has been a crazy week for me. But Im very grateful that I survived and will get to recover.

"Many people are not so lucky."

All the bites occurred at a jetty known to be a popular fishing spot. Experts believe the migration of mullet fish is drawing sharks into feed off them.

New Smyrna beach is known as the 'shark bite capital of the world', the county where the beach is located has seen the most shark attacks in the US since 2000.

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