Great Britain-shaped cloud appears in the sky

Britain-shaped cloud appears over Orlando
Britain-shaped cloud appears over Orlando

It appears that even the weather is celebrating Team GB's Paralympic medal haul - with this UK-shaped cloud formation.

Astonishing photos show the moment the clouds aligned in the sky to create a shape which bears an uncanny resemblance to the British Isles.

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There is a separate blob for Ireland, Land's End pokes out from the bottom left of the map and - if you squint - you can even see the Isle of Wight.

Policeman Denis Morgan spotted the remarkable formation while on holiday with his family in Orlando, Florida.

Denis said: "It was 7.45 at night and we were leaving the hotel and suddenly there it was. It immediately struck me that it looked like the UK," the Daily Mail reports.

He added: "It was so funny that a bunch of Brits walk out of their hotel and there in the sky is an image of their home country."