Zurich named greenest city in the world

The Swiss city is the greenest on the planet

Zurich named greenest city in the world

Zurich has been named the greenest city in the world in a new study.

The 2016 Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index ranked 100 major cities on 32 indicators across three aspects of sustainable development (people, planet and profit).

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Zurich came out top overall, with Singapore, Stockholm, Vienna and London rounding out the top five.

According to World Radio, at the other end of the scale, were Cape Town (95th), Manila (96th), New Delhi (97th), Nairobi (98th) and Cairo (99th), with Calcutta finding itself in last place (100th).

So why did Zurich do so well? According to The Local, it topped the 'planet' sub category and has invested highly in renewable energies and energy efficiency. Its public transport is seen as a sustainable model for other cities, and it also seen as a "pioneer" in its aim to become a 2000-watt society by 2050. This is a city using only 2000 watts of energy per capita, the amount globally recognised as a sustainable level of energy use.

However, it did not do as well in the 'people' category. While it did well for its high quality of life, educational and employment opportunities and health provision, its "affordability and work-life balance are the primary causes of this disparity", said the report.

The Local adds that Arcadis' John Batten Many said: "Many cities do well in two of the people, planet and profit ratings, but few do well in all three, indicating the challenge that cities have in balancing all three needs effectively to ensure long-term sustainability.

"The challenge of putting people at the heart of a city's sustainability is one that many cities struggle with."

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