Drunk Easyjet passenger who caused delays fined £1000

Man was removed from plane at Manchester Airport and flight had to be rescheduled

Drunk Easyjet passenger who caused delays fined £1000

A 'drunken' man who got removed from an Easyjet flight has been ordered to pay £1,000 for his actions.

Gustavo Neves, 42, was onboard a flight that was set to go from Manchester Airport to Portugal on 5 July.

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However, the plane was forced to taxi back to the terminal due to Gustavo's antics.

Policemen removed Neves from the flight and he was charged with being drunk on an aircraft.

He stood trial on Thursday at Manchester Magistrates Court, where he denied the charge and said he had only drunk two beers five hours before the flight.

However, four police officers testified to the contrary. They said he was "dishevelled", was swearing, and needed help getting into the police van, reports the Mirror.

The flight was delayed for hours and had to be rescheduled for later that day.

According to the Manchester Evening News, chair of the bench, Diana Webb-Hobson, told Gustavo: "All four experienced police officers confirmed you were drunk and we believe their evidence over yours.

"We can only sentence you to a fine despite the inconvenience you caused to everyone."

He was fined £585, had to pay costs of £620 and made to pay a victim surcharge of £58.50.

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