Blue UK passports could return when Britain leaves the EU

Home Office hints that traditional passports may be reintroduced

Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom

Blue British passports could make a comeback once the UK leaves the EU, the Home Office has suggested.

The navy blue passports would no longer feature the words 'European Union' when the alternative design is introduced.

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According to The Times, immigration minister Robert Goodwill said: "We are considering potential changes to the UK passport after the UK has left the European Union.

"At this early stage we have not undertaken a detailed cost benefit analysis or made any decisions about what a future UK passport might look like."

He said: "The blue passport is a symbol of our independence as a strong, proud nation.

"I think this is a clear shift in position. I am very pleased to see that my calls and those of other MPs seem to be having an effect and that officials are now looking at the prospect of reintroducing this great symbol of our independence and our nation."

The old blue passport came into use in 1920 and was replaced by the European Union-style machine-readable red passport in late 1988.

Speaking to The Sun, Conservative MP Julian Knight said: "It's really encouraging. A blue passport is a symbol of our independence."

He added: "We might well have to wait until we leave the EU to get them, but I would like to see a clear commitment in place to bring back blue passports."

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