2,000-year-old Roman road found under shop basement in Kent

Pristine section of road is now on display in Rochester

perfect roman road discovered in kent

A conservationist and developer discovered a perfect-preserved section of a Roman road dating back 2,000 years when he bought a unit on Rochester High Street in Kent to convert it into a shop.

Mark Lucas was unaware of the road when he bought the shop, but he and his son Zac were tipped off about the potential find at the bottom of the five-storey Grade II listed building by the previous owner.

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They have now revealed the pristine section of ancient road, where Roman soldiers once used to travel from the coast to London.

The section measures 13 by 6.5 feet and has been covered with a glass frame to allow visitors to view the site.

Speaking to Kent Online, Mark said: "We started to clear away layers of debris, grime, dirt and grease until we got to the stonework in a corner of the cellar.

"And then to our amazement there was more stretching to the other side of the room.

"To think the Romans came here in 43 AD and it is still in pristine condition. We did not need to repoint any of the brickwork. Just a bit of the brick had chipped away and we were able to fill it with very light chalk and lime."

Under the four centuries Britain was ruled by the Roman Empire, highways were created to speed up military supplies and troops.

It is believed that 2,000 miles of surfaced roads were built across the UK.

The Daily Mail reports that the Archaeological Society confirmed the road dates back to Roman times but has not been able to pinpoint the exact date.

Mark's son Zac, 19, said it was his first project with his dad and "definitely something to be proud of".

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