Is mysterious light in Michigan linked with supernatural?

The Paulding Light has mystified locals for decades

Mysterious light Michigan

A small area in Michigan's Upper Peninsula has become a popular attraction for visitors due to a mysterious white light that has been spotted there for decades.

According to a recent report by the Detroit Free Press, the phenomenon, named the Paulding Light after the town, was first noted by authorities in 1966 after a reported sighting.

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The light has since taken on a supernatural backstory, with some attributing the bright spot to a railroad worker who died on the job while others think it represents the spirit of a grandparent looking for a grandchild.

In 2010, a team led by Jeremy Bos, a PhD candidate at Michigan Technological University, examined the light from a scientific perspective.

Based on real-world testing and modeling exercises, they determined that the spectacle is likely created by cars traveling on the adjacent highway US-45.

They were also able to explain variations that have been observed; for example, multiple colors are likely projected when a police car pulls a vehicle over.

Despite their research, there are still people who continue to believe the light is a product of supernatural activity.

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