Shocking moment couple runs across M25 after crash

Motorist in traffic jam captures photo of the pair crossing six lanes


An idiotic couple were pictured risking their own lives as they ran across the M25 motorway as high-speed traffic raced past in a shocking photograph.

Oncoming drivers blared their horns as the reckless couple crossed the six lanes of motorway at around 9pm on Friday night.

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Ambulance technician Kieran Williams, 29, caught the incident while he was waiting in traffic following a crash near the Dartford Crossing in Kent.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, he said: "How he managed to get across there without getting hurt or causing an accident I do not know. It was awful.

"He had to go across four lanes of motorway before he got to a barrier and then a further two lanes after that."

Mr Williams told the Daily Mail that traffic was flying past at 70mph.

He added that the man crossed the road twice to collect bags stuck in the traffic jam and then a third time with a woman.

"They were old enough to know better," he said.

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