British tourists 'may need visas to travel through Europe'

European Commission to unveil draft EU travel legislation before the end of the year

UK Prime Minister Theresa May Meets Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel

British travellers could be required to apply for a visa to travel through Europe once the UK leaves the EU.

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New visa plans being drawn up, which are similar to the US waiver system, could mean that UK tourists visiting the likes of Spain, France and Germany and holiday would need to apply online for a visa and pay for travel to the continent.

According to the Guardian, the European Commission will unveil draft EU travel legislation for the EU travel information and authorisation system (Etias) later this year.

The visa programme would cover travel to all of the 26 Schengen zone countries, an EU source confirmed to the newspaper.

Currently, British travellers must show their passport to enter the zone and travel freely, but after Brexit, UK citizens could be forced to apply and pay for the visa.

A researcher specialising in justice and home affairs told The Guardian that as third-country nationals, UK citizens "would certainly be subject to the obligations".

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