Why were low-flying jets over Leicestershire last night?

Mysterious jets that 'made the ground shake' spotted in skies above Blaby

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There are a few things you might expect to see streaking across the night sky, maybe a plane or two, a few birds or even a shooting star if you're lucky.

But, the residents of Blaby in Leicestershire had a surprise last night when it was low flying jets that were dramatically cutting across the sky.

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The mysterious jets flew over at about 9.55pm on Thursday evening, spooking residents with one Twitter user saying that they "literally made the ground shake."

Those living in the area reported hearing a terrifyingly loud noise, with some claiming to recognise the jet as a Eurofighter Typhoon.

"Yikes Blaby under attack by low flying after burning fighter jet!" posted one Twitter user.

Another, wrote: "Ooo, that's a first! A jet plane has just flown low overhead. I wonder where it came from & where's it going??"

Another surprised eyewitness posted: "Wow that was some jet that just flew over #blaby."

Nearby Cosby is home to an annual air show which happened to have taken place just last weekend leaving some locals to question whether the planes were somehow related to the show.

However Steve Pepper, who is head of the vintage event, was quick to clarify that none of his planes were involved.

Social media users also came up with a host of speculative theories - but thanks to the Leicester Mercury, the mystery has now been solved.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence has confirmed that three Tornados were taking part in a low-flying night exercise, which explains the sightings.

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