How to pack your suitcase like a pro

Make the most of the space available

How to pack your suitcase like a pro

Do you ever struggle to pack up everything that you want to take on holiday with you?

You're not the only one and sometimes it's the return trip that can be more stressful as you try and cram everything back into the bag you brought, along with souvenirs!

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But here are a few handy tips on how to save space and maximise packing potential!

Fold tshirts as you would normally but then, instead of laying them flat, roll them up into a tube, you'll be able to fit them right into the corner of your bag then.

If you're worried about things getting muddled in your bag why not use this handy sock and tshirt trick.

Lay your tshirt out, fold the sleeves into the middle then lay a pair of socks over the shoulder parts.

Then roll the tshirt down until it's in the tube shape again with the socks sticking out of the end. The next step is to fold the socks over the coil creating a tightly secured tube to chuck in your bag!

If you're worried about your laptop or other gadgets, use your clothes as protection.

Wrapping a laptop in a thick sweater or hoodie can be a handy second layer of protection.

Leaking shampoo and toiletries can be a nightmare and can ruin your holiday before you've even started.

Cover the open top with a sandwich bag, screw the lid on and then cut the excess material off. This extra layer will make sure you don't end up with soapy clothes.

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