Guinness World Records: Largest things in the world

Casey in Illinois is home to eight records!

Guinness World Records

If you're looking to get yourself in the Guinness World Record book but you don't have a peculiar talent that can get you there, then maybe you can try what these people did.

They've all made their way into the history books thanks to giant objects.

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That's right, these people have taken the time to created the largest things out there.

This monster truck in Arizona isn't just any monster truck, it's the longest in the world.

Brad and Jen Campbell are the proud creators of this bit of machinery and Jen says: "By adding the length on this it actually gives you a more extreme ride, especially if you sit towards the back just because you're spinning around and that's more motion that you're getting in the rear."

The Campbells aren't the only ones to have supersized something ordinary.

Casey, Illinois is on the map with a whopping eight Guinness World Records.

The small town is home to the world's largest mailbox, rocking chair and pitchfork, among others.

Record holder, Jim Bolin, said that people often have low expectations of the sights in Casey until they get there.

He said: "They think they're going to pull in and see something in a parking lot, so when they get here and see the size of them, they see the landscaping and how beautiful everything is they just get really thrilled about it!"

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