Tiny injured mockingbird gets snow shoes to correct feet

It should be walking again in a week

Tiny mockingbird gets new snow shoes

This little mockingbird turned up at the California Wildlife Centre outside Los Angeles in need of some help.

The bird was suffering from 'knuckling feet' where the toes curl under the feet making it difficult for her to walk.

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Apparently the condition is pretty common in young birds so the centre knew exactly what to do to correct it.

The staff at the centre gave the tiny bird what looks like tiny snow shoes.

Fashioned out of cardboard and tape, these odd looking shoes help to get the toes back into the correct position.

One of the vets told The Dodo: "We needed to train her feet back to how they should be."

They added that it usually takes a week or two before the bird's feet are back to normal.

Thankfully most of the birds treated for this ailment are able to return to the wild, so it bodes well for this little guy.

Britain's favourite bird

Britain's favourite bird