Jumping llama from Cheshire is a Guinness World Record breaker

'Highest bar jump cleared by a llama' award goes to a total diva

The highest jump by a llama.

​​​​The highest jump by a llama.

Caspa, a nine-year-old llama who can clear a bar that is 1.13 metres high, is just one of Britain's entries to the latest Guinness Book of Records.

His owner, Sue Williams, who runs a llama farm in Cheshire, calls him a "total diva" and the envy of all the other llamas on the farm.

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He started as a petulant, rowdy creature when he arrived as a two-year-old at Black Rock Llamas, reports the Guinness Book of World Records website.

The highest jump by a llama.

Caspa had a spitting and kicking problem, and loved playing "catch me" a little too much. The grand chase would get so bad, she'd often plot for several days how to corner him to put his reigns on.

With a carefully-designed exercise program, Sue aimed to raise Caspa's confidence by putting him through agility training.

Her hard work paid off: at a recent dog show he jumped a hurdle at the height of an incredible 1.13 m, all without touching the bar. This feat earned himself a world record: 'Highest bar jump cleared by a llama' for the Guinness World Records 2017.

Other entries include Ludo the Maine Coon. He is a supersized cat measuring a whopping 118.33cm (3ft 10.59in) in length from his nose to the tip of the bone in his tail, writes the Press Association.

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Austrian stunt man Josef Toedtling, 36, made it into the record book for a full body burn – or being set alight – with no oxygen, which lasted five minutes 41 seconds. He beat the previous record by 16 seconds.

Florida pensioners Charlotte Guttenberg and Chuck Helmke are named the most tattooed senior citizens – male and female – in the world.

Most tattooed senior citizen.

Guttenberg, 67, has covered 91.5% of her body with tattoos since first being inked just 10 years ago. Helmke, 76, who sat beside her in the tattoo parlour to help to ease her nerves as she had her first tattoo, has 93.5% of his body covered in tattoos. All of this work was done in the last 16 years apart from one army tattoo.

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Other mind-blowing records include the largest golf tee, mailbox, knitting needles, pitchfork and wind chime. You can always rely on the GWR for providing your annual dose of the unexpected.

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