Terrifying moment cruise ship tips dramatically to one side

The incident was blamed on a 'technical issue'

Wath: Cruise ship dramatically tips to one side

There was panic on the high seas when a cruise ship suddenly tilted and the water from the swimming pool on the top deck poured down onto the balconies below.

Videos that are going viral show cruise ship staff members and terrified passengers grabbing poles to steady themselves, while others cling onto each other for dear life.

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During the confusion, passengers can be heard suggesting that others move onto their side of the ship in an attempt to regain balance.

One man can be heard saying: "Oh man, we're tilting far."

Meanwhile the upper deck was covered in water as the flooding swamped tables and chairs.

The Carnival Cruise ship was returning after a week-long excursion around Alaska when the chaos started.

One father who filmed the drama can be heard trying to calm his kids after one says: "This is the scariest thing ever. Are we sinking?"

Passenger Mark Woodwork said: "I think people thought we were going to crash, there was a lot of screaming and crying."

Carnival said in a statement: "Carnival legend experienced a technical issue related to the ship's starboard steering gear which caused the ship to unexpectedly list about eight degrees."

They later said the error was rapidly corrected and added that since the incident the ship has been operating without any difficulties.

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