Hurricane Hermine: People are surfing through the streets of Florida

Surfers riding the waves left by tropical storm

Surfing Big Waves, Through a Neighborhood?

Residents in Florida are taking to their boards to practice their surf moves in the streets after Hurricane Hermine flooded parts of the state.

One daring pair was pictured riding through the flood waters in St Petersburg as their paddleboards were pulled by a truck.

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Another couple was filmed having fun on their boards while wearing swimwear as they glided through a residential street.

Hurricane Hermine tore through the state of Florida on Friday, claiming at least two lives and leaving thousands without power, while toppling trees and flooding roads.

The Weather Channel reports that officials say the damage is so severe that it could take a week before power is restored for some people.

A man identified as John Mayes was killed when a tree fell on a tent at a homeless camp in Ocala on Friday morning.

The tropical storm spawned a tornado in North Carolina and closed beaches as far north as New York.

"This is not a beach weekend for anyone in the Mid-Atlantic to the northeast," said Eric Blake, a hurricane specialist at the National Hurricane Centre in Miami.

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