Dad of two dies in crash after motorbike hits pigeon

Ashar Niazi was riding with friends to Seaford, East Sussex

Seaford Coastline

A father of two has died after a motorbike crash involving a pigeon in Godstone, Surrey.

Ashar Niazi, 35, was riding his Yamaha R1M superbike with three friends when the accident happened.

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The group were out for an early morning ride from South London to Seaford, East Sussex (pictured above) when Niazi's motorbike was struck by a pigeon.

Speaking to the Surrey Mirror, his friend of 14 years, Nav Shah, said: "As I came around the corner I saw a lot of feathers in the air, like somebody took a pillow and burst it."

He added: "Then I saw Ash's motorbike on the left side but in the road. It was all broken up."

Nav desperately searched for Ash and found him lying near a tree in a back.

"We assume the pigeon hit him and he had become unconscious or disorientated and the bike veered to the left, catapulting him. The pigeon was lying dead in the road."

Get Surrey reports that emergency services rushed to the scene and paramedics fought for 15 minutes to save Ash bit he was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

Ash's widow Mahnaz Niaz posted a moving tribute to her husband on a fundraising page in his memory and wrote: "The one thing that set Ashar apart from all the rest was his kind heart, he went out of his way to help people in any way he could."

He leaves two children, Yaseen, 10 and Ayisha, who celebrated her sixth birthday on August 15.

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