Woman performs upside-down yoga mid-flight

Passenger managed to complete a headstand at 30,000 feet

Woman Begins Doing Upside Down Yoga Poses Mid-Flight at 30,000 Feet

Getting up, having a wander around and stretching your legs are all part of keeping healthy during long flights.

But contorting yourself into yoga positions at 30,000 feet may not be quite your cup of tea.

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One woman however proved that it is possible by stretching and even getting into a headstand on her plane seat during the flight.

Two men who were on the flight from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas said: "It was pretty bizarre but it was also incredible at the same time."

They added: "She was doing it for like 20 minutes and then the flight attendant asked her to stop and she did for a second then went to the bathroom for a long time and then came back and started doing it all over again."

The men were impressed by the woman's yoga skills especially given that she managed to perform all the technical moves without waking the sleeping passenger in the seat next to her.

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