Koala's terrifying mating call has to be heard to be believed

It's not the nicest noise!

This Koala's Horrifying Mating Call Sounds Like Your Snoring Spouse

Watching this video may make you see one Australian animal in a completely different light.

You hear the word koala and you think cute, cuddly little bear, right? Think again!

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While they may have some pretty serious looking claws that could definitely cause damage, there's something else that seems entirely out of character.

The noise in the video above is an example of a male koala during mating season. The low growling noise seems to go on forever and isn't exactly easy on the ears.

But the snore-like sound he's making is apparently attractive to the female members of his species.

The clip was originally posted on Facebook by Taronga Zoo in Sydney along with a caption explaining that breeding season is coming soon.

They said: "Keeper Nicola recorded these calls that male koalas use to attract females and avoid confrontations with competitors. Make sure you keep an eye out for these marsupials on the roads this time of year, as they travel between trees in search of mates and territories."

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