UK weather: Hurricane Gaston to hit Britain with 70mph winds

Comes after 3,000 lightning strikes hit Dorset, Oxfordshire and Yorkshire

Gaston Becomes a Hurricane in the Atlantic

Britain could be hit by Hurricane Gaston travelling across the Atlantic from America, where the US National Hurricane Centre in Miami said 90mph gusts formed off the coast of Florida.

The hurricane will potentially disrupt the UK's weather this week, although experts are not certain of its exact track.

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Speaking to the Daily Mail, a forecaster at MeteoGroup UK said: "Hurricane Gaston is the latest hurricane to develop in the Atlantic and has reached its peak with gusts up to 85-90mph.

"However, this system is expected to slowly weaken and track north-westwards."

The hurricane could bring 70mph winds to the UK when it weakens.

They added: "It will eventually head north then north-eastwards towards to the UK as a low pressure system, potentially disrupting our weather next week, although confidence is very low on its exact track."

The Bank Holiday weekend saw hailstones the size of golf balls hit Oxford, with the huge chunks of ice smashing greenhouses on Saturday.

According to the Sun, around 3,000 lightning strikes hit areas including Dorset, Oxfordshire and Yorkshire, with many parts experiencing flooding.

Meanwhile, Met Office meteorologist Martin Bowles told The Guardian that Bank Holiday Monday will be a good day.

"Most people are going to have dry weather with plenty of sunshine conducive to enjoying the Bank Holiday outside.

"The rest of the week is also looking quite good."

He added: "Hurricane Gaston's exact track or even approximate track is not really known at the moment.

"It is getting closer to us but it is unlikely to affect us.

"If it does, it will just feel like a wet and windy autumn day which is normal as meteorological autumn starts on September 1."

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Weather sayings: True or false?

Weather sayings: True or false?