Two pilots arrested after 'trying to board transatlantic flight drunk'

The United Airlines pilots were held at Glasgow Airport

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Two United Airlines pilots were arrested at Glasgow Airport on Saturday after allegedly attempting to board their flight from Scotland to Newark, New Jersey drunk.

Police detained the pair after concerns were raised when they tried to pass through staff check-in for the 9am flight.

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According to the Daily Record, flight UA162 was grounded and the pair were held over the weekend at a police station close to the airport.

Both pilots are believed to have the rank of first officer with United Airlines.

The BBC reports that Police Scotland confirmed that they were arrested with alleged offenced under the Railways and Transport/Safety Act 2003 (Section 93), which covers "carrying out pilot function or activity while exceeding the prescribed limit of alcohol".

United Airlines said the safety of their customers and crew "is their highest priority".

It comes after two pilots were arrested on suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol as they prepared to fly a transatlantic passenger jet from Glasgow, Scotland to Canada in July.

Staff were understood to have raised concerns over the pilots' behaviour before the Air Transat A310, carrying up to 250 passengers on board, was due to depart from Glasgow to Toronto.

Officers arrested the men, aged 37 and 39, on suspicion of being "impaired through alcohol" before they were due to take off.

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