Kim Jong-un owes more than £225k in London congestion charge fees

North Korean leader also ignored £7,305 in parking fines


Foreign and Commonwealth Office figures have revealed that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un owes more than £225,000 in London Congestion Charge fees.

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The leader has reportedly allowed his embassy staff in the capital to ignore the change, as well as £7,305 in parking fines.

According to the Daily Mirror, the Congestion Charge fees were for just three cars but involved around 2,000 breaches.

It comes after North Korean diplomat Thae Yong-Ho, who defected to South Korea after vanishing from the London embassy, spoke of his fears of paying the Congestion Charge.

The Evening Standard reports that in a talk he gave at a book shop in 2014, he told of his financial worries in London, including paying the charge for motorists.

He said: "When I drive out from my embassy I have to think - what about congestion charges?"

Yong-Ho added that North Koreans have little knowledge of the expense of living in London and believed his £1,200-a-month rented flat came with luxuries such as a swimming pool and sauna.

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