Australian woman fights off kangaroo attacking her daughter

A mother wrestled with large kangaroo to rescue her two-year-old


Australian woman fights off kangaroo attacking her daughter

An Australian mother was forced to wrestle with a kangaroo after it attacked her two-year-old daughter outside their home in Queensland.

Little Mileah was attacked in a "split second" as her mum was putting groceries in the house in Point Vernon on Australia's Fraser Island.

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Argie Abejaron told the Fraser Coast Chronicle what happened, saying: "When I heard my son screaming, I dropped everything, ran outside, and saw Mileah on the ground.

"The kangaroo was about the same size as me, and I thought I could take it on. But it was really strong.

"I kicked and wrestled the kangaroo, it tried to grab me but I didn't have anything it could hold on to."

A neighbour's yell then distracted the kangaroo, and Argie grabbed Mileah and ran inside.

Mileah was taken to hospital and suffered 17 stitches on her chest, as well as scratches and bruises on her face and neck, reports the Daily Mail.

A wildlife ranger visited the property and counted 93 kangaroos around the house.

Mileah's father Chad said the kangaroo that attacked was not even one of the "big ones".

He said building more houses in the animals' habitat is forcing interaction that could be leading to aggressive behaviour.

He said: "Something needs to be done; there are a lot of kangaroos there.

"We don't want any of them killed, but there is the possibility of having them relocated."

According to the Telegraph, Mileah's father Chad said Mileah was getting back to her normal self, but added: "Kangaroos were Mileah's favourite animal, but not anymore.

"She now says, naughty kangaroo."

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