They can't stop licking it! Bighorn sheep give free carwash

Something about this car is irresistable...

Bighorn Sheep Develop a Taste for Car in Jasper National Park

These sheep clearly loved something about this car, as they wouldn't stop licking and sniffing at it.

The vehicle was parked in the middle of Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada, and at one point at least 10 bighorn sheep were surrounding it, and doing the same thing.

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The wild animals don't seem remotely bothered by the fact they're being watched.

Towards the end of the footage another sheep can be seen approaching the car and promptly joins in with his friends, licking the bonnet.

Another car stops a small distance away from them, but the sheep only have eyes for the first car, not even bothering to turn around when the second car pulls alongside them.

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