Four-year-old rescues baby turtles trapped in storm drain

The boy spotted the newly-hatched animals while out with his parents

How a 4-Year-Old Boy Rescued Three Baby Sea Turtles Trapped In Storm Drain

Three adorable baby sea turtles are safe and sound thanks to a heroic young boy.

Four-year-old Aiden was taking a stroll with his family in Florida when he spotted the baby sea turtles trapped inside a storm drain.

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The child alerted his father, Hunter, who immediately contacted the Wildlife, Inc. Education & Rehabilitation Center.

Aiden was determined to stay with his new friends until he was sure that they were safe and sound.

Rescuers and authorities worked together to lift the heavy cover of the drain in order to free the tiny turtles.

They believe that the animals might have got lost after hatching. After some much-needed treatment the trio of sea turtles will soon be released back into the wild where they will be able to live freely in the ocean.

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