Call to ban swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

Officials are trying to avoid increasing dolphins' stress levels

Swimming With Dolphins In Hawaii May Be Coming To An End

Federal regulators are proposing to ban swimming with dolphins in Hawaii.

According to the Associated Press, it's a move that could shut down one of the Aloha State's most popular tourist delights.

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That's because the ban would cover waters out to two nautical miles, which is where 98% of Hawaii's spinner dolphins rest after they've spent the night feeding.

The dolphins got their name because they're known for leaping in the air and spinning around.

They eat fish and small crustaceans that surface from the ocean depths at night.

Ann Garrett is the assistant regional administrator of the National Marine Fisheries Services protected resources division for the Pacific Islands.

She said: "Dolphins have been found to be burning calories at a higher rate because they're forced to be vigilant as people approach their pods."

Garrett explained: "All of these things can contribute to a reduction of fitness over time. This kind of chronic level of stress, that's what we're concerned about."

The agency plans to hold public meetings on the proposal next month and expects to make a final decision on the regulations next year.

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