Girl gets £120,000 settlement after camel attack

Madison Holland spent three days in hospital after the incident

11-Year-Old Girl Gets $15,000 Settlement From Safari Park After Camel Attack

An 11-year-old girl has been granted $155,000 (approximately £120,000) in a settlement from a Virginia safari park after she suffered a ghastly injury when she was attacked by a camel in May 2015.

Madison Holland was hospitalized for three days when she was bitten in her forearm during a birthday party at the Virginia Safari Park in Natural Bridge, USA.

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Like many safari parks in the USA, visitors drive their cars through the property and are allowed to feed the animals with food supplied by the park.

One commentator said: "When you're feeding these animals, you are putting yourself at some risk. Anything with a mouth can bite and so when you open the door, when you're feeding them, sometimes these accidents can occur."

Madison won't be receiving the money is one lump sum. According to Metro she will get $10,000 when she is 18 and then $1,000 a month for 14 years after her 21st birthday.

While you may think of camels as friendly animals, they have been known to attack humans as seen in plenty of videos posted online.

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