The world's longest staircase

Would you take the challenge to climb it?

This Is The World's Longest Staircase

The longest staircase in the world is home to an annual race not many people know about.

The location is Switzerland's Mount Niesen, renowned for its triangular-shaped face and its 11,674 steps that extend more than 5,000 feet upwards.

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The event, often called Niesenlauf, is typically held in June when as many as 500 people attempt to make it to the top, despite a steep gradient averaging 55 per cent.

According to Oddity Central, the record is "one hour and two minutes for men, and one hour and nine minutes for women."

Other than race day, pedestrians are not allowed on the stairs, but visitors can instead ride a parallel rail system for about 30 minutes to reach the mountain peak.

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