Couple live with gorilla for 18 years

Caring couple run private zoo in France

Couple live with gorilla for 18 years

Millions of people across the world own pets - but how many people do you know that have lived with a gorilla for 18 years?

One couple in France, Pierre and Eliane Thivillon, have lived with their gorilla, called Digit, for 18 years.

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She was a tiny four pounds and six ounces when they took her in, but is a little bit bigger than that now.

Couple live with gorilla for 18 years

That doesn't stop her still sometimes trying to get into bed with her owners though.

The couple took her in when she was abandoned as a baby and kept her in own enclosure next to their home in Lyon.

According to the Metro, the couple said they didn't go out for 13 years because Digit didn't like being left alone.

Couple live with gorilla for 18 years

Pierre said in 2013: "We cannot leave Digit overnight with anyone else, which means we haven't be able to go out for 13 years.

"We haven't had a holiday, or a night away. We haven't been to the cinema, the theatre, or out for dinner.

"It would make Digit sad if we weren't here, and if she is sad we are, too."

According to The Sun, the caring couple run a private zoo and sanctuary for rescued animals from circuses and badly run zoos.

They look after over a thousand animals, including snow leopards, tigers, lions, and eight other gorillas.

Gorilla Adopted by French Couple