Tourist has thumb bitten off by alligator (video)

Man’s thumb bitten off during demonstration


An alligator has bitten off a man's thumb during a tourist demonstration that went horribly wrong.

The incident occurred at Colorado's Pike National Forest on 6 August, according to the Mirror.

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The man is seen straddling the reptile as two handlers tell him what to do.

He clamps his hands around its jaws, and the woman in the video says, "This is a feisty one".

Unfortunately that was definitely true as the alligator swiftly threw the man over and started to perform a roll. The alligator then bit the man's thumb off during the chaos.

According to 9News, doctors were able to reattach the man's thumb at a local hospital.

But we're guessing he might leave the alligator handling to the professionals from now on.

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