This is the world's most popular holiday destination, says Google

This country is popular for its beaches, cities and islands


Croatia is the most searched for destination in the world, an analysis of Google data by teflSearch has revealed.

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The European destination, which is home to outstanding national parks, sun-kissed beaches, picturesque cities and mountain adventures, receives 2.71 per cent of holiday-related searches worldwide compared to 2.54 per cent for Greece, 2.47 per cent for Thailand and Turkey, and 1.99 per cent for Spain. The UK, France and Germany did not make the cut, while Italy, Cuba and America featured in the top 10 most popular travel locations.

From Britain, the most searched for destination is holidays at home in the UK with 5.6 per cent of search, followed by Thailand, Turkey, Australia and Mexico. Cyprus, Greece and Malta were other popular destinations.

For those already living in the most searched for destination in the world, Croatians look for even more glorious beaches, with the Maldives and Thailand coming out top for holiday searches, before Malta, Cuba and Greece. Croatians are also interested in Montenegro, Tunisia and Mauritius.

In 2014, Google revealed that the most searched for holiday destinations by Britons was the French capital Paris.

Just a short hop from the UK and offering romance, culture and a wonderful atmosphere any time of year, it's no wonder The City of Lights was seen as the most interesting place to visit for a short break.

In second place was the USA, followed by America's most favoured destination, New York. The only UK holiday spot to make the list was Cornwall, while London was not a popular destination for Brits searching for ideas and inspiration using the search engine.

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